Based in Freshwater, Isle of Wight delivering to the UK

Quality Fibre

At Precious Gem Alpacas, in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, I supply clients with alpaca rolags and roving depending on the purpose of their purchase. To ensure that the fibre is ready to be felted, spun, or weaved, making the right preparations is crucial.

Perfect for Spinning or Felting

One of my most popular products is the alpaca rolags, which are hand-carded fibre ready for either spinning or felting. The raw fleece is washed, scoured, and carded by hand to form rolags.

When hand-carded, the fibres in the rolags are mixed up, making them ideal for spinning, wet felting, or pin felting. All the rolags are sold in beautiful natural shades. 

Catering to Your Needs

Due to my exceptionally fast turnaround time, I am able to make the rolags to order. The fleece will be fully washed and prepared, meaning that carding them is the only remaining stage. 

Depending on the exact size of your order, I am usually able to have rolags ready within a few days, although you will always be advised on a timescale at the time of enquiry.

You will be given the choice of having the rolags made from baby alpaca fibre, which is the softest, or any other to meet your needs. Rest assured, however, that all of my alpaca fleeces are soft, gentle, and of the highest quality.

Combed for Straight Fibres

As an alternative to rolags, my alpaca fleece can be presented in roving or top, which is ideal for felting, spinning, or even doll’s hair. All of my roving is combed by hand, which means that the fibres are parallel, making it perfect for worsted materials. Worsted fibre is perfect for the making of suits and skirts and is also used to weave shawls and other products.  The roving has the same  turnaround time as the rolags, and the customer will be given a timescale during the initial enquiry.

A Choice of Colours

Although further colours will be available in the near future, my rolags and roving currently come in seven different colours. They are:

•  White  •  Light Fawn  •  Fawn  •  Rose Grey  •  Dark Grey  •  Grey  •  Black  •

Choose Our Seconds Fleece

My alpaca fleece is also available in seconds. Seconds are the second cut of the fleece where the fibre is too short to be used for anything else other than felting. They have been thoroughly washed and scoured, meaning that the buyer is able to card it for felting them themselves. 

Contact me now, in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, to find out more about my alpaca roving and rolags.