Light fawn 100% Baby Alpaca Fiber Top 100gms

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100gms  of 100% Baby Alpcaca Top in a beautiful Light Fawn colour . Its like white with a hint of Fawn , making it look like a soft cream in colour. It has been washed, picked and carded and is suitable for semi Worsted spinning, Normal spinning, wet felting , felting, pin felting, crafts , toys etc . Whatever you want to make , this is a very versatile fiber. Why not make some Baby clothes, due to the lack of Lanolin in the fleece it does not irritate the skin but instead is soft, smooth , lustrious, shiny and bright . Keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Grown from my Beautiful girl Benitoite . 

Colours may vary slightly than the picture. Although i have tried to remove as much VM as possible , you still might come across a bit i have missed.